Tutorial: “Shower cap” carseat cover WARNING: Photo heavy

13 Jul

Let me start by saying, I looked HIGH and LOW for a tutorial, or pattern. About 3 years ago, my friend A was having a baby girl, and I made one of these for her. I’m 99% sure I had a pattern, but I have lost it. A used it all through the winter, and then next year, it just so happened that my other friend M had a baby girl, and she let her borrow it. Well now my friend A is having TWO babies…twins that is. So I figured she’d need another one to match her original one. (Don’t you worry blagosphere, I made M a canopy cover so she’ll have one for her baby J (due in like a month.)) Well low and behold, I can’t find a tutorial anywhere. So I measured a car seat and came up with one. This is pretty simple, you need a 1 1/4 yard of 60” wide fleece, and a yard of elastic. If you want to do a two tone, you’ll need 20”of 60” wide fleece of your main color, and half a yard for your sides . Pretty simple. I actually raided Hancocks remnant fleece and found two twenty inch pieces of the same navy, and a yard and half of grey for another one (for $3 a yard! woo!)

So lets get started:


One and one quarter yard (total) 60” wide fleece. (if doing two toned, you need a 20”of main color, and2/3 of secondary color)

one yard elastic. (1/2-1 wide)

Step one: Cut a 20” x 30” rectangle of main color.


You can see I already had started cutting, then I remembered to snap a picture. This step was easy for me because I started out with a piece that was already 20 inches, but if you have a big piece of fleece, you will need to cut more than what is shown.

Step two: Round corners using a round object (fiestaware anyone?) I used a bowl.



AND make them look pretty. You can see the first cut on the left, then I prettied it up on the right.

Step three: Cut face hole.


In this picture I am using a plate, which I actually cut out and continued on with the steps until about step 6, when I decided the hole was WAY too big, so I then started over cutting a new face hole about the size of facehole(this will be a PDF to print a facehole pattern.)

Step four: Measure 28”x3” of secondary (or main) fabric. (apparently I don’t have a picture, but it is pretty simple.) This will be our homemade seam tape for the facehole.

Step five: Pin the seam tape made in step four to the face hole. Turn over about an inch when you first start.


I find this easier if I do not licurvingfaceholee it flat. Instead I’ll stick my leg through it or something to curve the facehole

Step Six: Sew Seam tape on right sides together.


Step seven: ONLY DO IF YOU ARE USING A WOVEN FABRIC. IF NOT SKIP TO STEP 8. Iron 1/2 of  seam tape under.


Step eight: Fold over “seam tape” and pin.


Step nine: Finish facehole by sewing the folded over seam tape.step9

Step nine part b: If you are doing any applique, or embroidery, now is the time to do it.


Step ten: Cut two pieces of fabric(secondary if you are doing the two toned carseat cover) 46.5” X 9”.

Step eleven: Sew pieces together along BOTH short sides.

I am ashamed. I don’t have pictures of either of those steps.

Step twelve: Turn under about 1.5 inches and pin.


This will be the elastic casing around the the car seat.

Step thirteen: Sew elastic casing, leaving two inches open.



Step fourteen: Pin sides to front of cover.  I don’t have a very good picture of this, but here’s what I got.step14

Step fifteen: Sew sides to top of car seat cover.step15

Step sixteen: Feed one yard of elastic through elastic casing.step16astep16bstep16cstep16dstep16estep16f

Step 17: Sew the opening in the elastic casing (what you just fed elastic through) closed.step17

Step 18: clip all threads.

Here is my final product, I don’t have an infant carseat, nor any carseat, but I will go find one and put it one to get a better picture.


This is my first attempt at a tutorial, if you have any questions or suggestions PLEASE contact me. Good luck and happy sewing!


One Response to “Tutorial: “Shower cap” carseat cover WARNING: Photo heavy”

  1. Angie S. August 8, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

    Thanks! Very easy to follow.

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